Letter: Post Office still great

Residents who have written in defense of the JP post office branch are right, we are looking at our local postal workers all wrong, we should be grateful for the opportunity to let go of the illusion of control, which is so distracting in the hectic pace of the modern world.

Understand, instead, that you can stand in the line, as was the case with my recent experience when I went for a passport on a Saturday morning. The postal worker on duty looked at the line of one person long and said, “I can’t do this now, you have to come back later.” I mistakenly thought to schedule my time and arrive at the branch when it was open early and not crowded. No, how foolish!

The postal worker was right, I came back later and was able to enjoy the company of 16 other JP residents in line. In this enhanced group of fellow residents, we had to wait for someone to go out of the office and across the street to CVS to have their passport photo retaken.

But don’t worry, you are not alone. For the postal worker will stop all his activity and wait with you! That’s right, think of the degree to which you can let go and accept the lack of control over the situation! Just relax. This line is not moving at all. And, in the words of the postal worker, “I’ll wait with you.” This is community. This is sharing.

When the photo taker returned, the community of waiters expected a move in the line. No! Haven’t you been paying attention? Now is the time for the worker to organize his work area, and tidy up a little bit. Did you think you know when he is ready? You do not know when he will begin to work again. We are not in control in this room. We are meant to let go. Just be here now people. The JP

Post Office is a place to spend a Saturday morning. Not to “drop by” and mail something, like other offices. Think of how fortunate we are.

Michael O’Connor

Jamaica Plain resident

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