Letter: Solutions to the post office wait

I also have experienced the long, slow-moving lines at the Jamaica Plain Post Office. I have tried to make the best of my time in line. I often initiate long conversations with strangers who also wait. I sometimes do stretches and use my backpack as a free weight and do some lifts to tone my underarm flab. OK. I do what I can, but it still is frustrating to have to wait so much.

If I am in the area I will go to the Chestnut Hill Post Office, which has no wait time. But is does occur to me that perhaps there is another solution to the pain of the long waits at the Jamaica Plain Post Office. I propose a softer, gentler solution.

First of all, I would suggest using a number system in the post office and putting in a bunch of rocking chairs and some magazines. We could wait comfortably in the rocking chairs until our number is called. I would also like to see some cats in the post office. We all know that the sight and feel of a friendly furry animal is very calming. And while we are at it, we could have some free coffee. This would make going to the post office a pleasurable experience. How could anyone complain?

Maria Termini

Jamaica Plain resident

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