Centre/South Main Streets begins search for new director

Centre/South Main Streets (CSMS), a business promotion organization, has started a search for a new executive director, according to board member Michael Reiskind. CSMS previous executive director, Andrew Zarro, left in 2014.

When asked why the organization is just now starting to look for a new director, Reiskind responded that Boston Main Streets wanted CSMS to “fix things.” He would not elaborate on what that meant and directed the Gazette to the City.

The City’s Department of Neighborhood Development oversees the interaction between the City’s Boston Main Streets programs and the various neighborhood Main Streets organizations, which are independent nonprofits.

When asked for comment, DND spokesperson Lisa Pollack said she would look into it, but did not respond by the Gazette deadline.

CSMS ran into a tumultuous period from late 2012 and to the beginning of 2013, when the organization saw a change of leadership and had its nonprofit status revoked. CSMS eventually regained its nonprofit status and Zarro righted the ship and improved operations.


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