A Democrat for Bedell

I’m a proud Democrat, and an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton for President. In my 13 years as an eligible voter, I have rarely voted for someone other than the Democratic nominee for any position up or down the ballot. On Nov. 8, though, I will be casting my vote for state representative for independent candidate Stephen Bedell.

Too often Democrats in the State House have let down pragmatic progressives such as myself. From refusing to allocate sufficient funding to the MBTA to failing to ensure that every child has equal access to a quality education, Democrats on Beacon Hill have failed to address the needs of Boston, the Commonwealth’s economic and cultural heart.

That’s why I find Stephen Bedell’s candidacy so appealing. As both an independent and a public school father, Stephen’s focus on progressive reforms and equitable solutions to the problems we face in Massachusetts is refreshing. I am not voting against incumbent Rep. Liz Malia, but for Stephen Bedell, because as a state, we need more representatives like Stephen who will fight to make sure that children in Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Roslindale, and all of Boston have the same opportunities as those in Brookline, Weston, or Dover.

Michael Bellefeuille

Jamaica Plain resident

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