Letter: Also standing up for BLM

In response to the (editorial) letter written by Mr. Spivak in the Oct. 28 Gazette, we, the undersigned clergy of Jamaica Plain, want to express our continued support of the monthly vigil in support of Black Lives Matter, words which themselves express a too often forgotten truth. Responding to racism, anti-Semitism, and all other hatreds, we are each called to work and act on behalf of varied issues and people, including the people in our congregations. While we recognize that there are differences in response to points in the Movement for Black Lives platform, we wholeheartedly endorse the message that Black Lives Matter and share with the organizers of the monthly vigil in support of Black Lives Matter their stated purpose, which is this:

*a regular presence to show visible support for and solidarity with Black Lives Matter

*a space to come together to take a stand against white supremacy and for racial justice

*an opportunity to raise our voices in unison to denounce the murders of Black men, women and children.

The Rev. Patricia Brennan

The Rev. Ted Cole, Jr.

Rabbi Victor Reinstein

The Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris

The Rev. Courtney Jones

The Rev. Laura Ruth Jarrett

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