JP Kids: City announces BPS investment

The City recently announced the first expenditures of the $1 billion BuildBPS initiative, with a collective $13 million going to Boston Public Schools (BPS) for improvements for the current school year, according to a press release.

It is part of the BuildBPS 10-year educational and facilities master plan. The money will be used for movable furniture and digital screens.

“This immediate investment allows our schools to adapt to the ever-changing needs of 21st century teaching and learning,” said Mayor Walsh, according to the press release. “As we prepare students to be competitive in the global economy, it is important that our instructional spaces are designed for innovation and collaboration.”

Every BPS school will receive a portion of the money released with principals and headmasters of the schools providing information on what investments are needed.

The leaders will choose from several items, including adjustable desks that can be used for large groups, small teams, or individual learning; ergonomic chairs and stools; portable teacher lecterns; and movable storage units to encourage flexible learning environments.

“The School Committee is appreciative of the work the BuildBPS team has done in thoroughly researching and understanding the needs of our schools,” said Boston School Committee Chairperson Michael O’Neill, according to the press release. “This investment is another step toward ensuring our students and teachers have the tools they need to succeed.”

BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang said the investment will help transform classrooms into more interactive settings rather than relying on the centuries-old approach of teachers facing students seated in rows of stationary desks, according to the press release.

“Innovative instruction is all about teaching in a variety of styles,” said Chang, according to the press release. “The 21st Century Schools Fund provides teachers greater flexibility to meet the needs of all students in classrooms equipped for interaction and creativity.”



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