Roslindale Neighbors: Mural unveiled in Rozzie

The City held an event Oct. 14 to unveil a mural in Roslindale. (Left to right) Natalie Fernsebner (granddaughter of mural subjects), Katherine Copeland (Project Coordinator), Alex Castillo (mural subject), Heidi Schork (Director of Mayor’s Mural Crew), Jeff Fine (grandson of mural subjects).
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The Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Mural Crew, unveiled the second mural as part of the public art campaign, “To Immigrants With Love,” on Oct. 14 in Roslindale, according to a press release.

The unveiling took place outside of Atlas Wine and Liquors, where mural was painted over the summer. The mural pays tribute to the original founders of Atlas Wine and Liquors, Louis and Beatrice White, as well as a nearby immigrant business owner, Alex Castillo, for their contributions to the city.

Alex Castillo, a native of the Dominican Republic, said how he was able to overcome initial struggles when he immigrated to the United States. His perseverance led him to own his own business while simultaneously working for Fujitsu, one of the largest IT companies in the world.

“We moved to Boston in 2004, and since then, I always call [Boston] my city,” said Castillo, according to the press release. “It’s been great being welcomed regardless of my background. I hope everyone around here feels the same way.”

Jeff Fine and Natalie Fernsebner, grandchildren of Louis and Beatrice White, still run Atlas Wine and Liquors, the family business, with their brother Peter Fine and accepted the certificates of recognition on their family’s behalf.

“To be a third generation person from people who came from elsewhere, it feels like such an honor to be a part of an initiative to welcome and send a message that we are a tolerant place,” said Fernsebner, according to the press release. “I think that’s what resonated with me the most when asked to participate.”

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