JPNC election results

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council held its election on April 28 when 293 valid ballots were cast. Below are the results (via Pam Bender).


Vicky Arroyo: 186

Michael Reiskind: 166

Carolyn Royce: 163

Dave Baron: 147

Carmel Levy: 144


Area A

Brianne Connelly: 48

Kevin Rainsford: 45

Bruce Marks: 39

Trevor Wissink-Adams: 38


Area B (five seats available)

Priscilla Yang: 73

Samantha Montano: 64

Emily Tabor: 63

Esther Tutella-Chen: 61

Max Glikman: 58

Kyle Smith: 43


Area C

Gert Thorn: 66

Kevin Leary: 64

Robin Cheung: 57

Bernie Dohery: 54


The vacancy seat in both Area A and Area B will be appointed by the council, according to JPNC Chair Kevin Moloney.

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