Discussions continue between City Realty, ESNA

Discussions between the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association and City Realty continue.

According to Carolyn Royce of ESNA, the neighborhood group started talks with City Realty for the purpose of starting an ongoing conversation with City Realty regarding a number of issues pertaining to that company’s business practice in the Egleston community and surrounding area.

“ESNA, in the role of coordinator, organized meetings with a representatives of nearby neighborhood associations, block associations, and local tenant groups to identify concerns that these groups had a regarding City Realty and development practices. ESNA then communicated those concerns to City Realty,” said Royce.

Clifford Kensington of City Realty confirmed that discussions with ESNA continue and said, “We look forward to continuing to engage with them on our strong track record in their neighborhood. For years, we have been one of the leading developers of affordable housing in the neighborhood, regularly going above and beyond the requirements for affordability in new projects.”

Kensington added, “We ensure that all of our units are updated to the same quality standards and we have deleaded over 700 units over the last 10 years. Our property management team is dedicated with an impeccable track record and industry leading responsiveness. All of our apartments are registered with the city and we have zero violations at Boston inspectional services.”

Royce said that ESNA, starting in May, has coordinated a series of community meetings for residents and City Realty to talk through issues. She said ESNA asked City Realty to address displacement, lack of contributions to affordability, property management and community process.

“In the meeting, CR addressed some of the issues explaining constraints they face in their real estate and development business, how they are providing a much needed housing service and by how they are responsible and responsive to customers and the community,” said Royce. “These are serious and complex issues. ESNA and associated community groups wants to see improved changes in how CR does business. These issues require more time and discussion to resolve. ESNA is pleased that CR has agreed to continue a dialogue with the community.”

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