BPDA Approves Project at 50 Stedman St.

By John Lynds

At last week’s Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) monthly board meeting the board voted to approve the residential project at 50 Stedman St.

The proposed project consists of the demolition of the existing single-story commercial building on a 14,344 square-foot parcel and the construction of a three-story 21 unit residential building with parking for twenty-one 21 vehicles.

According to the developer, Helm Investments LLC the existing structure has no historic or architectural significance to the surrounding neighborhood and the presence of the commercial detracts from the neighborhood. The removal of the non-descriptive, underused commercial structure project will result in revitalizing the appeal and vibrancy of the Stedman Street streetscape through converting the one-story industrial use structure and empty lot into housing.

According to Helm Investments filing with the BPDA the new building is designed to be complementary to the surrounding neighborhood and structures.

The proposed structure will contain approximately 24,000 square feet of gross floor area, with 21 residential units located on three levels. Four of the units will be designated affordable pursuant to the City of Boston’s Inclusionary Development Policy.

The project will consist of six one-bedroom units and 15 two-bedroom units.

The Stedman Street project will also bring public realm improvements to the surrounding area, including new sidewalks and crosswalks. In addition a new sidewalk along the frontage of the property providing safe public pedestrian access on Stedman Street to Brookley Road.

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