JP’s Ellen Davis Nominated for Mentor of the Year

Ellen Davis, a Jamaica Plain resident and a volunteer at Kenny Elementary School in Dorchester, was recently nominated for her contribution to Boston Public Schools’ student success through Boston Partners in Education. 

Though she did not win the Mentor of the Year Award, Ellen nonetheless deserves recognition for her sincere investment in the education of Boston Public School students and integral role she played in the classroom. Ellen volunteers at Kenny Elementary five days a week, sometimes staying for three or four hours to help with extra administrative tasks. Everyone at the school agrees that Ms. Davis is beloved by both the students and teachers.

Ellen was nominated by Boston Partners’ Peter Darling, Program Director, and Sue Li, Partnerships Manager, who boasts that “In only her second year volunteering at Kennedy Elementary, Ellen has been requested by name from other teachers asking for her assistance in their classroom.  She volunteers at least two hours every day, five days a week, and has embedded herself within the school.” 

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