Special Interest Money

Dear Editor:

Few if any discussions among media pundits and politicians about the future of the Affordable Care Act seem to broach the subject of special interest money that ties legislators to the goals of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. That’s why we’re at a standstill and could quite possibly see the end of a program that serves over 20 million citizens. It’s similar to the gun industry’s hold over the Congress. Nothing will get done because, with the exception of a remarkable few – especially some of the newer members of the House, these people are under the thumb of those corporations who helped launch their campaigns and keep them in office. After all, America is a capitalist country where profit is the all-consuming agenda – at all costs. It would take a full scale blood-shedding revolution to change that. Of the few things Donald j. Trump understands about this nation’s history, it’s this: Profits before people. 

Michel L. Spitzer

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