Zoning Relief Granted for 50 Stedman Street Project

By Lauren Benett

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on April 9 approved the proposal for a 21 unit residential structure at 50 Stedman St. This proposal has gone through a lengthy process with neighborhood associations, especially the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA), who voted not to oppose the project in February.

The building was before the ZBA for violations of insufficient off-street parking, forbidden use, and excessive FAR. Architect Luccio Trabucco said the project has gone through an 18 month process, through which they have been able to meet “most, if not all concerns of the abutters.” Trabucco confirmed that they have met with the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association and the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association, who both expressed non-opposition to the project.

The proposed residential building is in an industrial subdistrict, and the current site of Wentworth Service Station. The SNA was originally concerned about what would happen to Bill Miceli, the owner of the auto repair shop, as well as the setbacks for the abutting property. These issues were addressed by the developer, leading to the SNA’s vote of non-opposition.

Trabucco said the building would consist of 15 two bedroom units, six one bedroom units, and 21 parking spaces. Four of the units will be affordable, and the Floor Area Ratio is a little over 2.

Enrique Peen from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services spoke in support of the project, and said that after “extensive community meetings,” there are “no further concerns.” Councilor O’Malley and the Carpenter’s Union also went on record in support. No one spoke in opposition of the project.

            The ZBA approved the project with “continued BPDA design review.”

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