Jamaica Plain Opens its Doors for the First Annual Green Living Tour May 19

The first annual Jamaica Plain Green Living tour will be held across Jamaica Plain on Sunday, May 19, from 2 to 4 p.m. This free walking tour, sponsored by Mothers Out Front-JP, will showcase a range of different green features at a dozen or so homes and businesses – including air source heat pumps and geothermal systems for heating/cooling, solar panels, induction stoves, electric cars and bikes, backyard chickens, beekeeping, and composting options.

In addition to talking with neighbors about their transition to green living, wander around a mini-showcase of various models of electric vehicle (EV) and electric bike, with their owners available to answer your questions.  Explore the Old Oak Dojo, certified by the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most rigorous building standard. Pick up a bag of coffee grounds for your own compost at JP Licks, and collect a free JP Licks coffee coupon at a few select locations. In addition, raffle tickets for a single-burner induction cooktop, donated by Monroe Heyman, green Realtor, will be available at all sites.

Almost all the tour sites are clustered along the South/Centre Street corridor (extending down to Lamartine Street) between the Monument and Hyde/Jackson Squares. An interactive online map can be found at: https://ma.mothersoutfront.org/jp_green_living_tour_2019.  Printed maps will be available in May at several locations, including 12 St. John Street, J.P. Licks, and Allandale Farm.

“I am deeply concerned about climate change and needed practical solutions. This tour helps you make green solution a part of your everyday life.” – Mary Lewis-Pierce, MOF team member

About Mothers Out Front

We are mothers, grandmothers, and other caregivers coming together to make climate change an issue that our leaders can no longer ignore.  We are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy. Together, we can create a healthy climate today and a livable future for all children. 

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