Celebrating pride

Dear Editor:

Our country celebrates Pride Month throughout June. At Springhouse Senior Living, we uphold the value of diversity and realize people come from all segments of community. Celebrating Pride, we have an opportunity to recognize and remember our Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Family, Team Members, Residents and their Families. Together we are all stronger, more compassionate and more creative. Springhouse is proud of our community for our on-going commitment to cultural diversity, inclusion, transparency and family. You are all simply the best!

We celebrated a Pride Party on Wednesday, June 12.

Throughout the month, our Tuesday Night Movies series will feature films that celebrate the lives of LGBTQ individuals and bring awareness to the community. The schedule is as follows: June 18 -Milk, June 25 – The Danish Girl. Each screening will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.

To mark it’s 50th Anniversary, we will be offering a special screening of the documentary The Stonewall Rising on Wednesday, June 19, at 7:30 p.m. This film is part of PBS’s American Experience series and uses eyewitness interviews and archival footage to recapture a pivotal moment in time that mobilized a generation of gay activists and marked the dawn of the modern Gay Rights Movement. Please RSVP to Meredith Griffiths at 617-522-0043 x2110 if you’d like to attend this screening or any of the events mentioned above.

For specific information about Boston Pride and events around the city visit:http://www.bostonpride.org/2019/04/boston-pride-commemorates-the-50th-anniversary-of-the-stonewall-inn-uprising-with-a-community-forum-and-more/

Springhouse Senior Living,

44 Allandale St.


Avoid that lot

Dear Editor

For many years I have parked in the lot on Centre St. Yesterday I was there for less than 90 minutes and came back to find my car towed. To my surprise, I was told that parking is only allowed for patrons of the stores that back onto the lot. The sign saying so was pointed out to me. 

It’s true that I was not shopping in any of those stores yesterday- but let’s not forget about the hundreds of dollars my family and our insurance companies pump into those store every year. 

It was an expensive and frustrating mistake to make- $160 in cash and a couple of hours out of the middle of the day to get to Mattapan to bail it out. Please learn from my mistake and avoid that lot. 

Julie Taberman

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