JP Musicians Participate in Massive Upcoming Concert Initiative

Twelve JP musicians will take part in a unique, audience-focused concert series in Boston and Cambridge from September 20-29.

“Concert for One” features 5,000 “mini concerts” lasting 60 seconds apiece. Each one-minute concert involves one musician and one listener coming together in a temporary sound-proof installation. Pairings are done at random and audience members sign up without knowing which musician, instrument or musical style they will be exposed to.

According to its website, the purpose of “Concert for One” is to “provide powerful, free music experiences for thousands of visitors, and foster intimate connections between performers and audience members.”

The musicians, which include professionals, conservatory students and highly-trained non-professionals, went through a rigorous application process to be able to perform. Out of the nearly 200 applicants, only 60 were chosen, with musicians from JP featuring prominently in the lineup.

 Musicians from JP that will be featured in “Concert for One” include cellists Javier Caballero, Audrey Chen, Francesca McNeeley, Rhonda Rider and Julia Yang; percussionist Aaron Trant; pianist Sarah Bob; saxophonist Andy Wilds; upright bassist Max Ridley; violinist Lily Honigberg; and violists Eve Boltax and Martine Thomas.

From September 20-29, the public can participate in “Concert for One” in two locations: the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Chinatown’s Chin Park and the Harvard University’s Science Center Plaza in Cambridge. Concerts are free and will run daily from noon until 6pm.

“Concert for One” is a project by Celebrity Series, whose organizational goal is to make the arts accessible for everyone, and is based on a similar experiment realized in Taiwan. Violist Rayna Yun Chou was concerned that classical music wasn’t reaching younger people due to high-priced venues.

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