BLC Denies Replacement of Adams House Windows

The Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) on Tuesday denied without prejudice a proposal for the replacement of five windows on the Adams House at the Adams Nervine Asylum. The building is a landmark, so any changes must be approved by the BLC.

The five windows proposed consisted of aluminum clad wood windows with weather seals and a PVC jamb liner. The applicant said that the current windows are loose and rattle when the wind blows, and he would like to replace them with the aforementioned windows. 

“If the original windows were wood, we’d like to see them restored if that’s the first line of action,” said BLC Commissioner David Berarducci.

Walker agreed that the existing windows are “not in bad shape” and “can be repaired.” He said that the applicant should continue with the triple track storm windows that the existing windows are fitted for. “You getting better energy efficiency out off a better window is not enough to replace them,” adding that he “wouldn’t be inclined to consider aluminum windows.” The applicant said that he doesn’t think there are currently storm windows on there right now.

Walker said that there are several companies in the Boston area that can do historic repairs of windows, and that he recommends the applicant ask his client to look into having the windows repaired.

“If any other windows [on Asylum buildings] are beyond repair, they should be replaced with wood,” Berarducci added. The Commission denied this application without prejudice, which means the applicant may return with an alternate plan. The Commission recommended that he send details of the restoration to BLC staff

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