Bootstrap Compost of JP Honored for Employment Program

Bootstrap Compost, a residential and commercial food scrap pickup service, was honored this week by Triangle, Inc. for the organization’s commitment to employing people of all abilities in playing a meaningful role in its warehouse operations. With a strong focus on employment, empowerment, independence, and community engagement, Triangle, Inc. reaches more than 4,000 people with disabilities and their families across eastern Massachusetts each year, empowering them to live rich, fulfilling lives. 

Spirit Awards are given to those that have exhibited leadership, kindness and compassion, excitement and positive support to other members of the Triangle, Inc. community. Bootstrap is a rare repeat winner of the honor.   “We love this event,” President and CEO of Triangle, Inc. Coleman Nee said. “It gives us an opportunity to bring our entire community together to celebrate our accomplishments, give deserved recognition to all those that do the hard work every day, and to thank our partners who help us achieve our goals

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