Letter to the Editor 09-25-2020

We were there working hard

Dear Editor:

In the article that Seth Daniel published “What’s in a name? Kennedy name no longer enough to best veteran politician Makey in Boston,” left the impression that there was not a real Jamaica Plain effort to re-elect Senator Markey. The article stated that Markey’s landslide victory happened “without really campaigning that much in the neighborhood.” As the volunteer Community Captain for the Markey Campaign, I want the readers to know that nothing could be further from the truth. We had an amazing group of volunteers, including precinct captains who made phone calls for months to registered voters in all 20 precincts in Jamaica Plain. In addition to on-going state-wide phone banks, JP Progressives, hosted Monday for Markey phone banks. On August 2, Senator Markey hosted an event that was very well attended.  Candidates do not win elections without a strong and well executed field plan. Although it was not safe to canvass in the pandemic, so volunteers might not have been as visible as they were on previous campaigns, we were there, working to return the nation’s leader in the fight for climate action and clean energy to the Senate. 

Anne Rousseau, 
Co-chair JP Progressives

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