ZBA Approves 10 Units, Commercial Space at 3305-3307 Washington St.

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) approved the scope of work proposed for 3305-3307 Washington St., which consists of 10 residential units, one commercial space, and 10 parking spaces.

Architect Tim Johnson explained that this project came before the board in March with a proposal for 15 residential units, one commercial space, and eight parking space.

“At that time, the board felt that project was too dense and gave us the opportunity to defer,” Johnson said. He said that on April 7, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) “gave the project team a building program” of nine units and one commercial unit.

But Johnson said that “out of respect for the JP civic associations, we asked the BPDA for a 10th affordable unit and they agreed.”

The existing Victorian building “will be largely preserved” and turned into four duplex units, Johnson said. The remaining six units will be built on the parcel to the left of the Victorian building. He said that because this is a corner lot, the 10 parking spaces will e accessible via Ophir St. The existing curb cut will provide access to eight garage spaces, and two spaces will be off street spaces, he said.

The top units will have dedicated roof decks that will be accessed via bulk heads and roof doors.

ZBA member Joe Ruggiero said he is “glad to see” the tenth affordable unit, and that “nine would have been a sad thing.” He continued, “I’m glad to see you did that so I just want to commend that.” 

Johnson said that this plan does include one bedroom in each duplex unit in the basement of the existing Victorian building, but said  he would be ”more than happy to pull them to the first floor,” since the ZBA typically does not like to see bedrooms in the basement.

The ZBA reported that they received 17 letters of support and one letter of opposition for this project, and the Mayor’s Office as well as Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George were also in support.

Jeff Hampton from the BPDA said that the BPDA is also in support of the redesigned project after being opposed to the previous design.

The ZBA voted to approve this project with BPDA design review and the relocation of the basement bedrooms to a higher floor.

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