Stonybrook Neighborhood Association discusses development updates

     The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) met virtually on April 11 to discuss updates on development projects as well as chat about goings-on in the neighborhood,


     SNA member Jennifer Uhrhane reported on the mural project that is nearly complete on the Extra Space storage building on McBride St. There is a mural on the corner of the building as well as “three smaller panes that are on the parking lot side right near the entrance to the community room.”

     There is a date of May 21 set to have a celebration for the completion of the mural, which will take place on the Southwest Corridor near the building from 12-2pm. The event will feature refreshments and potentially local live music, as well as the artists talking about their work.

     She said that the mural committee is looking for volunteers for the day of the event, as well as to flyer the neighborhood ahead of time.

     Mary Ward reported that the community room in the Extra Space storage building has been reserved by the Garden Committee the second Thursday of each month. The group is the first to reserve the room since Volunteers of America Massachusetts took over the oversight of the room. She said it was “a really easy process and we’re excited to have that opportunity.”

     More information about the room and how to book it can be found at


     SNA Steering Committee member Paige Sparks and SNA member Fred Vetterlein spoke about the status of the Southwest Corridor Extension project, which is seeking to use the land by the garden and Extra Space Storage building for a dog park.

     “We’re drafting language to send to various bodies that are currently in control of the extension land,” Sparks said. It was discovered that the land in question is owned by the MBTA.

     Vetterlein said that “MBTA does lease arrangements…as a kind of a license they give to developers. So that’s a start.” He also said that although Amtrak stores batteries near the area for emergency use, “having a park and connection and a dog park wouldn’t interfere with that.”

     He added that he hopes to start a website for this project so people can become aware of it and of the area in question.


     The current proposal for 75 Stedman St. is to construct a self-storage building, which the SNA has voiced opposition to as they do not believe another such facility is necessary in the neighborhood.

     SNA member Royce Abel said that while there was no update to share, an email was sent last month to city and state representatives as well as the proponent “reinforcing what we told them back in December about how this plan does not fit with PLAN: JP/Rox and to go back to the drawing board.”


     Jennifer Uhrhane said that the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) design review team emailed the SNA “asking us what we thought of the new design.”

     Royce Abel said that the subcommittee is asking for more color on the first floor for emphasis, as the artist live/work spaces will be located on the first floor. “It seems like it’s in early design review with the BPDA,” he said.


     SNA Steering Committee member Jonathan McCurdy reported that this project has been approved by the SNA and has broken ground. He said that the construction team is “working on forms for the foundation and pouring the foundation.”


     Paige Sparks reported that the Doyle’s subcommittee reached out to developer Lee Goodman, who said that he was working on getting approvals from the city’s Inspectional Services Department and aims to begin construction “sometime this spring,” she said.

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