Center Section

A four-page center section is printed in each edition of the Gazette. Businesses and organizations may place easy-to-pull-out center sections with their own content. If interested, it is a good idea to consult with Gazette staff as soon as possible to reserve a center section. Some issue dates are reserved for editorial content, and other may already be claimed by other organizations. See the publishing calendar for dates.

For more information, call the advertising department.

Base Price: $1,800

Production Services
The Gazette can design and produce your center section for you, laid out as you suggest—from your text, photos and other materials.

Or, you may design and lay out you own center section and submit final files as Adobe PDF documents. Please consult the Gazette for specifications.

Cost: $35 per hour of Gazette staff time (includes materials). Please ask for an estimate.

Clients can save on Gazette preparation time by submitting PDF documents, or by: providing text, photos and other materials on a CD or e-mailed file; making fewer changes at later stages; meeting deadlines; modifying previously center sections; etc.

Page one and back page: $250 for full color.
Center pages: $200 for full color.

Space reservations: Two weeks prior to publication. (The earlier the better!)
Receipt of PDFs: Monday prior to Friday publication.
Receipt of materials for Gazette preparation: 10-12 days prior to publication.

Extra Copies
Please inquire about costs for printing extra copies of the center section or having them delivered.

“Roslindale Neighbors” issues
$400 additional, $2,200 base price

Cancellation Fee
If center section reservation is made, then canceled less that one month prior to date it was to appear, there will be a charge of $500.

Nonprofit discount
5% off base price = $1,710

Other options:
Full page display ad(s)
Pre-printed inserts


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