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Circulation: 16,420
12,800 to households 3,400 to offices and stores 85 paid subscriptions
215 for advertisers and for files
•Circulation audited by Circulation Verification Council.

•One Year (25 issues)  $40 First Class Mail

•Send check or money order to:
PO Box 301119
7 Harris Avenue
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Free Distribution!
    •The Jamaica Plain Gazette is delivered for free to every household and multi-unit dwelling in Jamaica Plain. Multiple copies are also dropped at local agencies, libraries, stores, etc. Stores may sell the Gazette for ¢25.
    •Not getting your Gazette 25 times a year? Please call us. Please leave your telephone number to enable us to properly deal with your delivery problem.

How to Get the Mission Hill Gazette

Circulation: 7,000

•One Year (12 issues)  $18 First Class Mail

Both Papers

•One Year (37 issues)  $58 First Class Mail

•Send check or money order.
Free Distribution!
•The Mission Hill Gazette is delivered for free in bulk drops to multi-unit dwellings, local agencies, libraries, churches, stores, etc.

Get Published Materials

Back Issues
•Copies of issues going back one year are available. Come to the office and get up to three free. If you cannot come in, send a note specifying the issue you want and $1.50 per copy to cover postage and handling. Allow four weeks for receipt by mail.

Published Articles
•Beginning Sept., 2006 articles are available at

•Photos, both published and unpublished, are available for purchase. Gazette photography services are also available for a fee. Please call (617) 524-2626 x221 for more information.


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