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Mailing address:
PO Box 301119
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7 Harris Avenue
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

phone: (617) 524-2626
fax: (617) 524-3921

We welcome messages and materials addressed to these mailboxes:
Advertising information: [email protected]
Press releases, news tips, event listings: [email protected]
Events listings: [email protected]
Letters to the editor: [email protected]
Editor: [email protected]

How to send…

Use e-mail, fax or drop off material. In most cases, especially with longer written materials and photographs, we prefer e-mail. Always give us your contact information, including telephone number.

Events listings to news: Please include, who, what, where, when, how and why. Also include a telephone number or web site for more information. Make sure events are either located in Jamaica Plain or Mission Hill.

Letters to the editor: All opinion pieces need to be 500 words or less. Letters should be mostly opinion, not news reporting. The Gazette does not publish anonymous letters. Please give name, address and telephone number for verification purposes.

Website comments: Website comments are moderated and are edited and posted at the Gazette’s sole discretion. Comments should not include profanity, vulgarity, news reporting, factual corrections, personal attacks, commercial advertising or links to other websites.

Obituaries: The Gazette publishes obituaries of current or former JP residents at a cost of $150. The Gazette also publishes “In Memoriam” pieces that may be longer reflections on a recently deceased person or may mark the anniversary of a death. There is a fee for “In Memoriam” pieces. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Photos and graphics to the appropriate address above: Please send them as 300 dpi jpegs. Please put a name on the jpeg, not a number. Please indicate the photo’s name on caption information, so photo and caption can be matched. Please do not imbed photos or graphics in text documents as your single way of sending them.

Advertising materials: Please contact us before sending your material so we can confirm size specifications, price(s) and make a space reservation(s) for it. We accept ad materials in two-ways:
1. As a camera-ready PDF that requires no adjustments on our part. This qualifies for a discount.
2. As text, graphics, photos, a sketch, etc. that our production artist will make into an ad for you, according to your size and price choice. We are happy to provide customers with a proof of these ads, if materials are received by deadline.