Thanks to Milky Way owners

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the generosity the owners of the Milky Way—Kathie Mainzer, Carol Downs and Charlie Rose—have unfailingly displayed. The Milky Way has become an anchor for the Jamaica Plain community. The owners have successfully created an atmosphere of inclusion, respect and safety, while providing an oasis for all to come together and share in our rich diversity and cultures.

Over and over again I have had the honor to attend community events at the Milky Way, most recently the Neighbors for Neighbors event that saw people waiting outside in the cold to enter. But this is only one of the many community events that the Milky Way has hosted and supported. For me the Milky Way truly feels like an extension of my living room, where I can get together with others, share good conversation, activism, dancing, pool and good food and drink.

Thank you all for the generosity you have shown. May all the good that they have shared with others return to them a hundred-fold.

Nancy Gilbert
Jamaica Plain

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