Young Achievers needs to expand here

The following letter was sent to Mayor Thomas Menino:

We are the parents of two children, a second-grader and sixth-grader, who attend the Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School in Jamaica Plain. Like many Boston parents we were thrilled that our children were accepted into Young Achievers as we knew that Young Achievers would provide them with an excellent education.

But we are writing to let you know that we are very concerned that our school is going to run out of space and that overcrowding will take away from the quality of the education our children are now receiving. Like most Young Achiever parents, we were excited to learn about the possibility of the school expanding into the former St. Andrew’s site across the street. We attended a meeting on the proposed plan last month and left feeling excited by what we saw. However, we have just learned that the Boston school department has told the school principal, Virginia Chalmers, that it cannot support this plan.

We know you care about providing quality education in Boston and offering families more choice so our children can have a brighter future. That is exactly what Young Achievers provides. We hope you can help us by telling the school department to work with the school and Urban Edge to find a solution to Young Achievers’ space needs.

Margaret Connors
and Arnold Chien
Jamaica Plain

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