Mount Pleasant Home gets funding

Mount Pleasant Home will receive $1.4 million from the state for its planned expansion, it was announced last month.

Mount Pleasant houses seniors with limited housing options. The expansion will boost its residents from 44 to 60, including 38 affordable units.

“Many of the current residents of Mount Pleasant Home were born before Social Security and had careers and raised families prior to portable pension plans and IRAs,” said Executive Director Merlin Southwick in a press statement. “They are from diverse backgrounds, domestic and abroad. They have made this city their home and contributed to make Boston what it is today.”

Southwick said the funding will help Mount Pleasant serve both existing and new residents.

The $1.4 million is part of $80.5 million rental housing development fund under the state Department of Housing and Community Development. Local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez secured the grant, which was one of only two made in Boston.

From a press release.

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