Geese, not dogs, may be to blame

While I share Diane J. Pacitto’s disdain for the mess created on our streets and parks by unsupervised animals (“Dogs make parks unpleasant,” letter, JP Gazette, Sept. 7), I believe she overstates the problem. She should not assume that every dog owner whose plastic bag is not in plain sight does not intend to clean up his or her dog’s mess.

On her recent walk around Jamaica Pond, Ms. Pacitto said, she counted 120 piles of what she assumed was “dried up and freshly laid dog mess.” I believe that, upon closer examination, she would realize that the large majority of the disgusting little piles were not deposited by dogs enjoying a few minutes of freedom from their leashes, but by large geese who were not invited, but have moved into Jamaica Pond where they loll about and act as if they own the place. This is a situation that calls for migration reform; these fowl miscreants should be rounded up and deported to their native Canada.

Michael Frank
Jamaica Plain

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