As of Right Permits

Permits recently issued by the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) for “as of right” projects, meaning projects that do not require zoning variances:
8/27: Dialysis Clinics, Inc., 1153 Centre St., interior renovations of first floor and basement
8/28: Matthew Hayes, 12-18 Rock Hill Road, replace retaining wall
8/29: Maricio Langa, 98-100 Rossmore Road, finish basement for storage only
9/4: Christopher Seifert, 16 Thomas St., increase ridge to grade height
9/5: Mark Barer, 278 Arborway, install deck and retaining walls
9/13: Pine Street Inn Housing II, 7 Locksley St., install fire sprinkler system; Jonathan Baker, 23 Martinwood Road, replace porch with extended kitchen/sunroom
9/14: Myrian Diaz, 69 Woodlawn St., change occupancy to four-family; Thomas Sullivan, 70 School St., install deck; Ernest Coston, 69 Fort Ave., construct shed
9/20: Patricia Larkin, 7 Rambler Road, deck addition
9/21: Kymberlee Keckler, 103 St. Rose St., demolish/rebuild rear porch
9/24: 1 Roanoke Ave., renovate day care center and upgrade bathrooms

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