No enforcement means dog messes on sidewalks

It was almost a good morning until I took my kid to school today. I took two pictures of dog messes on the sidewalk that were not there yesterday. One house that has a mess in front is not occupied, and the residents of the other house do not own a dog.

I think it is irresponsible to make excuses for dog owners who disregard the law. The law itself should be withdrawn if nobody is enforcing it. My wife told me that the sidewalks in Paris are full of dog droppings. I feel like I am living in Paris around here.

Regarding Michael Frank’s letter in the Sept. 21 JP Gazette, we should not blame geese for the dog messes. The real culprits are owners of what I call “living room” dogs. Old-timers let their dogs roam around in their yards. The dogs themselves make their messes in the dirt and cover them up with more dirt. The problem is human. Just because the dog-owner polluters are sometimes individuals who earn high incomes and have political power, they should not be allowed to just walk around the stinky messes their pets make and not clean them up.

Philippe Paul
Jamaica Plain

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