Last chance to oppose sprawling development

I live right in the middle of the Forest Hills Improvement Initiative. I am writing today to urge the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), elected officials and other representatives to put a halt to this “Improvement,” which is not an improvement. I did go to several meetings at the start of the process, tried to voice moderation and said, “Let’s keep green space.” I was quickly shot down by the people who have taken over this process, the pro-development fans.

Now we are coming up on the final meeting that the BRA plans for Sept. 23. This will be the last chance for those of us who oppose this massive construction project to stand up and say so.

Do my neighbors realize that the BRA is planning to build a massive 6- to 7-story structure where the current MBTA parking lot is now? Parking will be on the lower floors and, of course, because the structure will be so tall, it will overshadow Hyde Park Avenue.

Do my neighbors realize that the BRA plans to build 642 new apartments/condos in Forest Hills? Where will all these people park? How many more cars will drive into this area—one that is already overcrowded?

This proposed development would be right next to the Arnold Arboretum, which is a beautiful, pristine part of Boston’s famous Emerald Necklace. To have another sprawling complex like the State Lab will be detrimental to the beauty and ecology of Forest Hills, the Arborway and the Arboretum.

Why do we have to fill every single green space? Why can’t we leave trees, flowers and grass to grow instead of concrete structures?

I feel my voice has been overruled by special interest groups, such as the pro-development and affordable housing advocates. I urge everyone in the neighborhood to go to the meeting on Sept. 23 and say no. Contact your elected officials and tell them no.

Patty Hall
Jamaica Plain

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