Domino’s looks to open on Centre St.


HYDE SQ.—Plans are in the works to open a Domino’s Pizza franchise at 461-467 Centre St.—previously home to Petal & Leaf Florist—in the building owned by CVS at the corner of Centre and Moraine streets near S. Huntington Avenue.

The Jamaica Pond Association (JPA) will review Youssef Abourjalli’s request for a change of use permit to take-out food service and pizza delivery at its Aug. 3 meeting. [See JP Agenda.]

The request is scheduled to be heard by the city zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on Aug. 4, but Abourjalli’s attorney, Anthony Ross of Roslindale, said he will ask for a deferral until the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Coun-cil (JPNC) has a chance to review the request.

The business name “Domino’s Pizza” does not appear on any of the permitting application documents Aboujalli submitted to the city. Ross said there was “no intention to conceal the nature of the business.” Ross said he commonly does not include the business name in change of use filings. “For CV and health permits, there is a place for the name of the business,” he said.

He also said Abourjalli is aware of opposition to chain restaurants in Jamaica Plain, and may be will-ing to open the JP restaurant under a different name.

Abourjalli runs three other Domino’s franchises in Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park, Ross said.

Abourjalli will also have to apply for a common victullar food service license from the Licensing Board. Those requests are normally reviewed by the JPNC Public Service Committee. The JPA, like other neighborhood associations, and the JPNC offer recommendations to the city boards that are usually weighed heavily in their final decisions.

In 2003, community opposition to chain restaurants blocked the opening of a Domino’s at 3700 Washington St. Community sentiment also stopped an effort to open a D’Angelo’s Grilled Sandwiches restaurant at 672 Centre St.—now the home of JP-based City Feed and Supply—in 2006.

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