It takes a village to care for trees, too

From their planting in late spring, (Thanks again to the many volunteers who helped plant them.) to these last weeks of watering, 15 new oaks and red maples on the Arborway Hillside have been lovingly cared for. The Arnold Arboretum, through Steve Schneider, provided a 300-gallon water tank that could fit in Jim Stillman’s truck, and access to an outdoor high-volume faucet to fill the tank. Jim or Avi Davis filled the tank each week, and they were met by dedicated volunteers who did the actual watering: Louise Johnson, Jill Havens, Karen Sammett, Tita Wernimont, Cynthia Bainton, Kathy Brown, Calvin Hennig and Katie Kenna watered through the summer, and Avi is finishing up this fall. Louise and Sam Sherwood donated garden hoses, the Arborway Coalition provided buckets and a wagon, and other individuals, too numerous to list, helped at various times.

The watering schedule was complicated and assisted by a rainy spring and summer, and winter moths threatened to devour every leaf on three of the trees. But all the trees survived, and we encourage everyone to walk the Hillside path this fall and think of the words of Edna St. Vincent Millay: “But my heart goes out to the oak-leaves that are the last to sigh ‘Enough,’ and lose their hold.”

With appreciation to all and best wishes for the fall,

Ann Stillman and Sarah Freeman
Arborway Coalition
Jamaica Plain

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