Recent JP news inspires tears and chuckles

Do we laugh or cry? The Nov. 20 edition of the JP Gazette had me doing both.

Ralph Nader denounced elections in Massachusetts as “coronations,” and Chuck Turner annointed his successor—for an election four years into the future! And it turns out that, even as state officials had been nodding in thoughtful consideration of residents’ transportation concerns, their minions were busily rearranging the bus stops while no one was looking. I think we cry here.

Adolescent shenanigans in town started with a pair of freshmen–Steve ’n’ Steve–leaving their stuff in everyone’s way and howling when it got damaged. The back story involved rival sophomores facing off after one of them gleefully damaged Steve ’n’ Steve’s stuff, and his nemesis hurried off to report him to the principal–not to get him into trouble, of course, just to get him some guidance. I think we laugh here!

Janet Chumley
Jamaica Plain

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