Connolly Library should not be closed

This difficult economy is forcing city officials to close branches of the Boston Public Library. Serious deliberations are required before any decisions are made, because, once a branch library is closed, it can be very difficult to re-open.

One facility that deserves to remain open in the Connolly Branch Library, which serves a diverse, vibrant neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Its ongoing children’s programs provide vital activities for youths returning home from school. Also, since more residents need public access to the Internet for employment searches, the computers and other resources provide critical assistance for job hunters. It would be a shame if these services were plucked away from the people most in need of them.

There already have been renovations totaling more than $2 million for roof repairs and making the facility accessible to handicapped persons. Why waste already strapped municipal expenditures to close the Connolly Branch after these repairs have been completed?

Like other facilities, the branch has a “friends” group to promote and enhance the facility. Dedicated volunteers organized sales to provide a new sound system for the facility. Clearly, the neighborhood has taken an active part in its activities, and neighbors’ efforts should be noticed and rewarded.

Charles Maynard
Jamaica Plain

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