EHS student charged in shooting

David Taber

Edgar Tejada, an 18-year-old Jamaica Plain resident and freshman at English High School, was arrested this week for allegedly shooting a 26-year-old male near the high school on March 26.

According to reports from the Boston Police Department (BPD), the shooting, which landed the victim in the hospital, occurred at around 12:45, shortly after English ended its shortened Friday school day.

The victim was not a student at English. In the days following the shooting, English Headmaster Sito Narcisse told the Gazette he had heard from students who witnessed the shooting that no one from English was involved.

Tejada was arraigned Monday in West Roxbury District Court on charges related to the non-fatal shooting at the corner of Amory and Williams streets, including assault with intent to murder and carrying a loaded firearm on a public way.

Bail was set at $500,000, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Jake Wark told the Gazette.

Wark told the Gazette that attorney Samuel Higer was on record as representing Tejada at his arraignment. When the Gazette contacted Higer on Tuesday, the lawyer denied he is representing Tejada and hung up the phone.

Tejada “was a student we had that I think we could have done a better job with,” Narcisse told the Gazette following the student’s arrest.

The 18-year-old freshman was enrolled in an “alternative program” for older students and was making progress in his studies. “He was on the right track,” Narcisse said.

Narcisse said he thinks the crime was not the result of “any issue within the school. It was environmental. Was it gang related? We don’t know…[Tejada] did not have a lot of problems here at the school.”

News of Tejada’s arrest has been “discouraging” for his peers in the school’s program for non-traditional students and for his teachers, Narcisse said.

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