Warning: Looking at ducks could sting

Sandra Storey

PONDSIDE—A Jamaica Plain family is going out of its way to alert people after three of them were stung by wasps at Jamaica Pond on Oct. 12 at around 6 p.m.

Richard Bergin was stung once or twice when he went to the aid of his 3-year-old and 7-year-old as they were stung four to six times each, according to mother Katherine Ingraham, who called the Gazette later.

The wasps, which Ingraham said looked liked yellow jackets, seemed to be swarming from a nest in a pile of rocks at the sandy area directly across the pond from the boathouse. The children had gone down to see the ducks, which frequently gather in that area, she said. Their 9-year-old was not stung.

They were all fine several days later, after using an over-the-counter medication, but the stings were quite painful at the time, she said.

“We feel bad and want to warn people. We even told people as we were leaving to stay away from those rocks,” Ingraham added.

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