Cold fish, hot competition

Rebeca Oliveira

JP center may see sushi war

JP CENTER—JP Seafood Café, located at 730 Centre St., will likely expand into the storefront next door, adding amenities and expanding the menu, just in time to face competition from local chain Super Fusion Sushi, which is opening a new branch at 779 Centre St. in late February.

JP Seafood Café owner of 15 years, Phil Paik, told the Gazette that the added 900-square-foot space, recently vacated by Skelly Insurance, would allow an expansion of 20 to 25 seats from the current 49. He noted that he is looking into adding seasonal outdoor seating and new patio doors. The extra space would also be used for a sake bar.

If all goes well, the JP resident said, everything should be ready in three to four months—“definitely by summer.”

Paik said that the menu would also receive a boost—“We are implementing plated desserts,” Paik said, noting that his sister is a pastry chef.

Paik has begun trudging the paper trail by approaching his landlord for a lease on the extra space and the business association for their support. He will eventually need an extended liquor license and other permissions.

When asked about his soon-to-be neighbors, Paik said, “I welcome the competition. It’s a free country…It’ll be healthy competition. We can only work on our end and our quality.”

Super Fusion Sushi representative Sam Haung said of the competition, “The size of the sushi is different…We have very good prices.”

Haung told the Gazette that Super Fusion will offer inexpensive sushi and Japanese cuisine options, with a maki (roll) costing about $5. The former home of Great Wall will house 16 eat-in seats but will also provide pick-up and delivery.

JP Seafood Café’s maki range from $3.25 to $10.95. They offer delivery and pick-up as well as eat-in.

Super Fusion has restaurants in Brookline, Watertown and Cambridge, none of which serve alcohol.

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