Ad Hoc Committee to finish report

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Ad Hoc Whole Foods Committee planned at a June 22 meeting to put the finishing touches on a report about the potential effects of Whole Foods Market’s planned move to Hyde Square.

The final report is scheduled to be reviewed at the June 28 meeting of the JPNC.

The report will describe the potential impacts of the store, ways to mitigate the negative impacts and potential alternative uses for 415 Centre St. space if Whole Foods decides not to move to JP. The process has been controversial.

Ad Hoc committee chair Steve Laferriere repeatedly described the process as an opportunity for people supporting and opposing Whole Foods to come together to find common ground and discuss what is best for the neighborhood.

But the meetings the Gazette has attended have featured debate between supporters and opponents of the grocer. At least two pro-Whole Foods members of the committee quit earlier this month, complaining about the divisive tone of the conversations.

Still, the Laferriere previously told the Gazette, he is hopeful that the report will be evenhanded. “The goal is to try to create something that speaks to [community] concerns in a way that most of the community feels is appropriate,” he said.



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