JP Kids: English High Sports: Football finds winning way

Chris Boswell did not see many victories in his first two years coaching the English High School football team. In fact, the only mark in the win column was a single forfeit victory.

Maybe the third year is a charm, as Boswell’s team has notched two triumphs so far this season, beating New Mission and South Boston. But that has not satisfied the coach.

“It’s a good feeling, but we haven’t done a lot. We’ve done a little something,” said Boswell, whose team was 2-1 when the Gazette spoke with him on Oct. 4.

The coach said the Blue and Blue’s strong suit lies with their leadership qualities and having upperclassmen. He called the team mature and said, “We just have leaders.”

Boswell decided not to pick captains this year after doing so the previous season created dissension among some players who weren’t picked. But the coach said two players who have exhibited leadership qualities this season are Jordan Carter and Francis Okoyo.

“They’ve committed time in the weight room and are good in the classroom. It’s showing up on the field,” Boswell said about the pair.

Boswell said one area the team needs to improve upon is the fundamentals. He said many of the players are first and second generation immigrants who don’t know the game or its terminology, such as what a first down is.

“They are really learning from scratch,” said Boswell. “It’s a process. It’s a simple game, but it can be complicated.”

The coach said he wants the Blue and Blue to stay competitive, and to do that, his players have to become “masters of the mundane.” He cited being able to tie a shoe in the dark as an example of what repetition can achieve.

Despite the inexperience, Boswell said he has a core group of players that have been with him all three years and that the team as a whole is close-knit.

“We are all blood brothers,” said Boswell.

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