52 Montebello goes to RFP

EGLESTON SQ.—A request for proposals (RFP) to buy an apartment building and vacant lot at 50-52 Montebello Road was issued by the City last month. The RFP seeks to preserve the lot as open space and have the apartments become affordable homeownership or rental housing.

The site includes 50 Montebello Road, totaling approximately 5,625 square feet of vacant land, and 52 Montebello Road, a 6,000-square-foot lot with six condo units now owned by the City.

The RFP asks that the current building height and massing not be altered and that proposals provide a detailed landscaping plan for both sites. The vacant lot is expected to remain green space. At previous meetings about the project, City officials said the lot is too steep and rocky to build on.

The apartment building has been vacant for several years and drawn complaints for illicit parties and squatters. It has been on JP’s Problem Properties Committee list since mid-2012, when the City’s Inspectional Services Department boarded it up. The building was taken over by the City, unit by unit, through foreclosures.

Completed RFP applications are due May 11. The documents can be viewed online at cityofboston.gov/dnd/rfp.

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