Bridging Forest Hills keeps up Casey fight

Bridging Forest Hills (BFH) will continue to oppose the Casey Arborway project, even as construction is underway founding member Jeffrey Ferris told the Gazette last week.

The group has a petition to the governor it intends to circulate to drivers stuck in Casey construction traffic, according to its recent activism emails.

BFH, a community group created to advocate against the surface-street road plan and in favor of a new Casey Overpass, has continued its presence at Casey project community meetings, holding up signs and protesting. However, the state shows no signs of halting the project, which has many local supporters as well.

“Bridging Forest Hills continues alive and well,” Ferris said. “We’ve been losing for three years, but we still believe that this whole project is a bad idea.”

BFH argues that a new bridge would be better for traffic and the neighborhood by keeping cars out of the way. Its members also played a role in revealing secrecy and behind-the-scenes planning early in the Casey process, which the state later partly acknowledged, opening up its meeting process.

Ferris said that BFH has a new petition, both in paper and on, calling for the Casey project to be halted and changed. As of last week, the petition had just over 700 signatures, which Ferris said was only part of the 2,000 names they’ve garnered since BFH started operating.

Ferris was unable to provide a membership count for BFH, but assured the Gazette, “Our numbers are growing.”

When asked for what other plans BFH has in store, Ferris was unable to provide any details, instead talking about how the state’s process was flawed.

“The state is hiding from this project and defending it,” he said. “We’re not going away.”

The Casey Overpass was the bridge that carried Route 203 over the Forest Hills T Station at Washington Street and Hyde Park Avenue. The bridge, closed since May 16, is being demolished and replaced by a new six- to eight-lane surface road called the Casey Arborway. The project is scheduled for completion in September 2016.

Bridging Forest Hills’ website is

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