Editorial: JP thanks a letter carrier

The U.S. Postal Service does not win a lot of popularity contests these days. In fact, JP has complained about it loudly in recent years, with shifting routes and a bewildering mystery as to whether the local post office would remain open.

Of course, part of the reason for such upset is that people often like the individual postal workers they deal with on a daily basis. Which brings us to the classic Jamaica Plain angle.

Where else but JP would residents hold a retirement part for their longtime letter carrier?  With the local city councilor showing up to deliver a resolution in her honor?

OK, maybe there are a few other places that would do that. But also giving her a plaque on behalf of the street’s dogs and cats, those banes of letter-carriers in cartoons, but their friends on local streets? Only in JP.

Such thoughtful concern for the front-line workers says a lot about JP. And such praise says a lot about letter-carrier Lynette Dion, who we join in thanking and wishing well in her retirement.

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