Danger at Forest Hills

I’m optimistic about the future of Forest Hills. The bridge has been cleared with apparent efficiency and the area seems primed for positive growth. I’m less optimistic about the future of the pedestrians who brave the intersection of Washington Street and the Arborway, as many headphone-sporting English High School students and my pre-school age daughter (not alone and not with headphones) do at least twice a day.

The near complete disregard of rushing drivers for the pedestrians with the light-endorsed right of way is a public safety matter, one that could have dire consequences. My daughter and I, on our morning commute to daycare, were nearly run over by one driver who had run the red light and another who raced to turn the corner from Washington Street onto Arborway.

This wasn’t the first time. When I approached the traffic police officer stationed at Forest Hills Station about the issue, he essentially said, it was “not my problem.” It would be if it was his child and it will be for the Boston Police Department when their lack of enforcement results in injury or loss of life.

The Boston PD needs to do a better job enforcing traffic at this intersection—a few tickets would go a long way. Arborway drivers need to realize that 30 seconds is not worth the potential consequences for a child and family’s life.

Justin Sanders

Jamaica Plain resident

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