Roslindale Neighbors: Developer files PNF for 19-unit project

A developer recently filed a project notification form with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) to redevelop a site into a 19-unit development at 20 Taft Hill Park, according to BRA documents.

The developer for the project is Parkhead Development LLC, while the architect is Dartagnan Brown of Embarc Studio LLC.

The site is currently occupied by two multi-family dwellings at 20 Taft Hill Terrace and 20 Taft Hill Park. Those existing buildings would be demolished as part of the redevelopment and replaced by two new buildings that would be three and four stories.

The proposed buildings would consist of 19 condominium units, totaling 22,390 square feet of development and would include on-site parking for 19 cars. The units would be 2 one-bedroom units, 15 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom units.

In addition to the parking for vehicles, storage for 34 bicycles would be housed on site. The site is close to public transit and each condominium owner would be given a $2,000 credit for a ride-sharing or car-sharing account.

The application does not provide information about the proposed price for the units or whether any of the units would be reserved as affordable housing units. The estimated development cost is $4 million.

The proposed site will need several zoning variances to be approved, including for excessive building height, usable open space per dwelling unit and parking spaces required. The current zoning requires two parking spaces per unit (whereas the proposed buildings would provide only one); 1,750 square feet per unit (whereas the proposed buildings would provide 588); and a building height of 2 ½ stories (whereas the proposed buildings would be three and four stories).

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is scheduled to hold a community meeting for the project on Oct. 21, after the Gazette deadline.

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