Letter: Vote no on Question 2

Question 2 on the ballot this November considers lifting the cap on charter schools. It is imperative we vote NO and keep the cap. Charter schools directly reduce Massachusetts’ public schools’ funding and quality.

Charter schools are funded with public money that would otherwise go to public schools. In 2015-16, the state’s public schools’ funding was reduced by $400 million to pay for charter schools—which have zero accountability to the taxpayers that pay for them.  Reduced public school funding puts art, music, early childhood education, and many other programs at risk across the state. Governor Baker’s recent budget strands 14,500 children without access to early ed.  We cannot allow charter schools to take more money away from our children’s future.

Vote NO on Question 2 to prevent the potential loss of billions more to unaccountable charters.  Vote NO to prevent Boston from becoming the next Detroit or New Orleans.  Vote NO to give the 96 percent of the state’s students who attend public schools the quality education they deserve.

Tim Maher

Jamaica Plain resident

Teacher – Frederick Pilot Middle School

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