BPDA board approves 76 Stonley Road project

The Boston Planning and Development Agency board during its Nov. 17 meeting approved the 76 Stonley Road project.

But the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association still has issues with some aspects of the project, which it hopes the developers address before the proposal heads to the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

Developers John Morrissey and Bryan Austin have a plan for a four-story, 30,720-square-foot building with 28 units and 23 below-grade parking spaces. The $9.5 million project is slated to have five affordable-housing units, which is one more than is required under the City policy. The developers are also contributing $21,000 to the City’s Slow Street program.

Morrissey and Austin did not respond to a request for comment.

When the Gazette asked SNA for comment, member Sue Cibulsky replied, “While the developers of the proposed 76 Stonley Road project have addressed a number of neighbors’ concerns, several issues remain to be agreed upon. On Oct. 17, the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) voted against supporting the zoning variance requests needed by the developers. The SNA’s 76 Stonley Subcommittee will be inviting the developers to meet and work out the remaining issues, followed by another vote by the SNA on supporting the zoning variance requests.”

She said the remaining issues include having a path on the property connecting Stonley Road to Stedman Street.




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