HSTF self-declared safe haven

Celina Miranda, the executive director of Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF), wrote a newsletter encouraging continued advocacy and declaring the organization a safe haven for youth and families impacted by recent political events.

“Like many of you, we at Hyde Square Task Force are very concerned about the current political climate and the future of our country. Our worst fears are being realized,” Miranda wrote. “Each day we anxiously await the latest news, wondering who will be the next victim and what type of global chaos might be ignited.”

The Feb. 10 letter shows enthusiasm for those who have mobilized and demonstrated dissent against hate, xenophobia, racism, discrimination, and misogyny.

“The grassroots values of diversity, inclusiveness, generosity, honesty, and openness – upon which our immigrant nation was and is built – are in danger,” wrote Miranda.

Many people involved with Hyde Square Task Force have been active in attending rallies, marching in streets, and speaking out in their schools and communities. Miranda declares that they will “continue to do so with vigor and determination.”

Hyde Square Task Force has historically advocated for justice for immigrants and cultural preservation in Boston.

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