Robinwood Café and Grill now J-Pizzle

The neighborhood staple, Robinwood Café and Grill, has been changed to J-Pizzle Kitchen.

The Common Victualler license at 526 Centre St. has been transferred to J-Pizzle Kitchen with no alcohol. The new business did not need to have a public hearing at City Hall and there was no community process in front of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council necessary, according to JPNC member Michael Reiskind.

J-Pizzle Kitchen did have a “non-hearing” license change petition on June 7 this year at the Licensing Board. The new owners are Cindy Villada and Migna Colon, and it is managed by Cindy Villada, according to Reiskind.

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Robinwood Cafe opened in 2010, replacing Planet Pizza.

There has been quite a buzz on the Jamaica Plain Facebook social media page about the new restaurant, mostly confusion about the name.

Annie Louise said, “That’s a terrible name omg.”

Ben Wright said, “To the new owners/managers: I truly respect anyone sticking their next out to open a restaurant. It’s a tough business and I appreciate anyone willing to put in the work. But please change the name.”

Jessie Popowich said, “Found out they sold a couple months ago from an employee, found out a bit more from ex staff. The name seems so…wrong! The new owners apparently insist it’s the common nickname for JP?”


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