Update for Community Room, Garden on Flanagan & Seaton Site Provided at SNA

The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) had a light meeting on March 11, with not much to report and not many people in attendance. Jennifer Uhrhane said that there is no update for 84 Stonely—they were thinking about doing something different with the property, and “they would share plans once they came up with that,” she said.

50 Stedman Street was approved by the BPDA on February 14, but the SNA said they have not yet heard about a Zoning Board of Appeal date.

Fred Vetterlein talked about three parts of a community agreement for the old Flanagan & Seaton site at 3521-3529 Washington St.: a mural that is being paid for by the developer of the Flanagan & Seaton site, a community garden, and a community room. Vetterlein said that the community garden would be a “significant contribution to extending the Southwest Corridor Parkland,” and he’s looking for an organization that would be the agency to run the community garden, including “organizing and supervising yearly things that have to go on,” Vetterlein said. He also said that the community room “needs to be defined” so that they can find people to begin using it.

“We’re going to meet with PMAC (Park Management Advisory Committee) [for the Southwest Corridor Park] and combine this garden with those in the DCR in the Southwest Corridor parkland,” Vetterlein said.

Landscape architect Ray Dunetz has been hired by the developer to design the community garden, according to Vetterlein. Dunetz has “several plans” for the garden, he added. There will be further discussion of this project as more details are hashed out.             The SNA also spoke briefly about the proposed Pine Street Inn building on Washington St, and had general discussion about their new steering committee members, which were elected at the meeting. The next SNA meeting will be April 8 at 7:00pm at Doyle’s Cafe.

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